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WR Alloys and Solders supplies UK manufactured low melting point alloys, casting alloys, fusible and white metal alloys and anodes to customers around the world. All of our Alloys are manufactured in-house at our ISO 9001/14001 foundry in Birmingham, with detailed Certificates of Analysis available for all our products upon request.

Our metal alloys are ideal for a range of industries and we offer a variety of metal types such as tin alloys, silver alloys, nickel alloys, bismuth alloys, copper based alloys and pewter alloys. Our traders ensure that our alloys meet all customers’ requirements ranging from corrosion-resistance, magnetic properties & casting temperatures.

Solders are fusible metal alloys that are used in metal projects and structures. Our range includes, electrical, electronics, industrial & plumbing solder, both leaded & lead-free, all of which are available for immediate purchase through our Online Metal Shop.

What Are Alloys and Solders Used for?

What Are Alloys and Solders Used for?

Low Melting Point Alloys fall into a wide range of categories and uses;

Casting alloys, such as WRCast and WRCastV, are a range of low temperature alloys based on tin, lead or bismuth that are suitable for production of jewelry, models, figures, artwork, collectibles, ornaments and memorabilia.

Lead-free Pewter alloys, such as WR92Pewter and WR95, are popular for jewelry, artwork and collectibles where reproduction of fine detail and cast finish are important, as well as being safe for human contact . These alloys are commonly high in tin and alloyed with copper and antimony. As-cast finish is very good and cast objects polish very well to a silver luster.

For applications in which Lead can be tolerated, the range of alloys is extensive. Generally cheaper, these alloys can be tailor-made for specific purposes such as thin or bulky items, reproducing fine detail, malleability or achieving a particular surface finish. They commonly contain tin, lead and bismuth but may also contain antimony and zinc. In this range WR92L is one of our best sellers.

Fusible alloys, such as WR70 and WR137, are a range of metal alloys whose very low temperature, and often sharp, melting points allow these to be fused with ease. They are irreplaceable in a range of applications where their low melting point is fundamental, e.g: fusible plugs for boilers or pressure vessels, fusible safety devices for fire prevention such as sprinklers, tube and profile blending and lens blocking.

What Are Casting Alloys?

What Are Casting Alloys?

Casting alloys are used in a variety of industries, from steel works to construction, in order to produce products of a particular specification including size, corrosion resistance and more. These alloys come in a range of types, each varying in their metal compositions and properties. William Rowland can provide bespoke casting alloys to meet very specific demands of a customer’s request making our casting alloys ideal for industries, such as the marine, energy, aviation, jewellery, miniatures, and pewter casting companies.

What Are Low Melting Point Alloys?

What Are Low Melting Point Alloys?

William Rowland provides alloys with low melting points which are manufactured by our on-site team in Birmingham. Each low melting point alloy needs to be produced with control and attention to detail in order to match a set of properties. There are different temperatures that determine if an alloy is classed as having a low melting point. Fusible alloys often describe alloys that have a melting point which is below 183°C.Press alloy are described for those with a melting point at 138°C. On the other hand, casting alloys are a range of low temperature alloys based on tin, lead or bismuth.

These high-quality alloys can be made bespoke or chosen from a range of existing products. Find out more about their properties with our low melting point alloys guide.

What are Tin Alloys?

What are Tin Alloys?

Tin alloys are often used in industrial settings as they wet and adhere to many base metals at low melting point temperatures. Tin alloys can make an ideal fit for many industries, for example the electricity industry often uses alloys and solders with 40 to 70% tin to make robust and strong joints that can withstand a variety of weather conditions. William Rowland’s tin alloys have been created with the customers’ needs in mind and meeting a number of requirements including corrosion-resistance, high temperature, magnetic or conductive properties and more options.

These tin alloys can be made bespoke or chosen from a range of existing products.

International Delivery

International Delivery

Having been a leading metal supplier since 1830, we have developed an international reputation in the metals trade. We service a global customer base, and our specialized in-house team work hard to provide quick lead times and tailored pricing solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

If you require any of our Alloys or Solders to be delivered to you without delay, William Rowland can distribute around the world and for a competitive price.

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Shop our metals online -- Delivered to anywhere in the world with short lead times.
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Delivered to anywhere in the world with short lead times.

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Quality at the heart of what we do

Quality at the heart of what we do

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We comply with the following standards listed below;

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