Did You Know You Can Now Buy Our Alloys and High Purity Metals Online?

Posted February 5th 2019


At William Rowland, we have been providing our customers around the world with the very best in high purity metal, alloys, powders, foundry additives and more for over 180 years, making us one of the oldest metal trading companies in the world today.

We have an extensive selection of metals and related products, suitable for various industries. Here are just a few of them:

High Purity Metals

If you’re looking for quality metal, then you need look no further. All of our stock of tin, bismuth and zinc is of the highest grade and available in a number of forms for your convenience, including granules, pellets and sticks.

Foundry Additives

We provide a number of foundry additives to our industrial clients, including inoculants, various carbon products, and minerals and compounds such as molybdic oxide and molybdenum trioxide.

tin pellets


As the world’s leading metal powder suppliers, we provide metal powders from some of the world’s most respected manufacturers. These include Vale, whose nickel powder is renowned across the industry, and Praxair’s thermal spray powders. We also produce our own metal powders – suitable for cosmetics, thermite, paints, pyrotechnics, and so much more – on site. These include aluminium, tungsten carbide, tin, brass, titanium, magnesium, ferro phosphorous, silicon metal, zinc, copper, cobalt, and many others.


We stock a huge variety of WR alloys, suitable for a range of applications. These include some excellent lead- and cadmium-free low melting point alloys for casting all manner of end products.

The William Rowland Online Shop

With our online store it has never been easier to buy the highest quality alloys and high purity metals on the market. With an intuitive interface and all items categorised in a logical manner, finding the right type of alloy for your current project could not be simpler. Sometimes you might need a specific quantity for a bespoke project, so if that is the case, get in touch with us as we can often be flexible on order size.

Many of our items are kept in stock and are ready for immediate dispatch following an order. This is why we can provide such a fast turnaround for our most popular lines. Knowing that we keep an item stocked means that you don’t need to worry about ordering in advance, and don’t have to waste space stocking in your own premises.

We ship worldwide and for orders over 100kg to Europe, we offer free delivery. The timeline for delivery will vary depending on the final destination. While UK orders can mostly be fulfilled between 2 – 5 days after order confirmation, European delivery will take longer. If your destination is outside of Europe, please get in touch with us for a quotation which will give you information on cost and lead time.

When you’re ready to place your order, we have a secure payment gateway in place, meaning your account details (including credit and debit card information) are as safe as they can be when ordering from us.

For more information about the products and services we provide, get in touch with William Rowland today on 0121 559 3031, where a member of our team will be glad to answer any of your queries. Alternatively, visit our online shop now and see for yourself the wide selection of products we have available for fast delivery across the globe.

Using Low Melting Point Alloys for Casting

Posted November 27th 2018

Low melting point alloys

Low melting point alloys (sometimes referred to as fusible alloys) fulfil a number of functions throughout the manufacturing industry. Boasting a number of interesting properties unique to them, they have numerous applications for tools and components.

What are low melting point alloys?

The name pretty much gives it away: these are alloys that can be melted at a low temperature (by which we mean 300° or under). However, this is the least interesting thing about them. Many are eutectic, meaning that their melting point as an alloy is lower than either of the melting points of their constituent metals. Other low melting point alloys have a variable melting point, resulting in an unusual composition as its temperature fluctuates between the alloy’s solid and liquid states.

Low melting point alloys for casting

Why use low melting point alloys for casting?

Traditional casting involves pouring a metal into a mould and creating a solid cast from it. However, creating the mould in the first place is a difficult job, since the material used must be able to withstand the heat of the metal being poured into them, and can often be difficult and expensive to manufacture in the first place. Advances in 3D printing have sought to remedy this with intricate moulds made from plastic, but these would liquefy under the extreme temperatures of most molten metals. By using low melting point alloys for casting, you can sidestep this issue and produce clean, detailed casts for components and tools every time.

Here at William Rowland, we provide an extensive range of low melting point alloys for casting and other applications. Most of our alloys are produced in-house at our own foundry in the heart of Birmingham and are tailored to meet our clients’ unique specifications. Contact William Rowland today on 0114 276 9421 to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist team members, who will be able to advise on the right low melting point alloys to meet your specific needs.