March 2017

Metal poisoning What are the symptoms?

March 21st 2017

Although we come in to contact with various metals all the time in our day-to-day lives, many metals can be toxic to humans and metal poisoning is something that everyone should know how to identify and avoid.

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The most expensive coins in the world

March 15th 2017

When we think about currency, it is sometimes to surprising to realise that different coins may be made of the same, or similar, materials, and yet possess completely different values. Generally, the older and rarer a coin is, the more value it will carry, although some coins might also be considered valuable for other reasons as we explain below.

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The lost secret of Damascus Steel

March 2nd 2017

Once popularly used in the manufacture of sword blades in the East, Damascus steel has been around for centuries. The blades it produces are distinctive looking with a mottled pattern to the metal that looks almost like pooling water. As well as their beauty however, the blades made using Damascus steel were famed for having keen edges and being extremely durable. Damascus steel is said to have been named after the city of Damascus, where such swords and blades would have been used during the 16th to 18th centuries. However, it is also possible that is takes its name from damask fabric as a comparison of the patterns between the two.

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