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Recycling value back into the supply chain

October 5th 2020

Melting has enabled William Rowland to work with their partners using both Airmelt and Vacuum Induction furnaces. Specially prepared blends of revert or scrap, revert & virgin and 100% virgin materials can be cast into ingots or VIM cast stick. William Rowland also offer the service of toll melting our customer supplied revert enabling maximum value retention. In addition, William Rowland can refine the melts to achieve our customer’s bespoke specifications. William Rowlands trusted partners are also valued customers of the business, strong reciprocal “partnerships” in every sense of the word.

By using high-frequency Airmelt Induction Furnaces, William Rowland can produce uniform cast ingots from 500kg – batches upward. Additionally, for material where lower gas content is required, we can be melt and cast under vacuum (VIM) with batch sizes 2000kgs and upward in a variety of diameters. Both processes are overseen by our metalists and the latest analytical control techniques, such as Spectro analysis and ICP-OES. William Rowland also can take your feedstock, analyse, process and clean, whether in solid or turnings form to recycle this valuable material back into a usable state. This is enabled through our purpose-built facility, close to Sheffi eld utilising a variety of processing equipment and our internal laboratory

In addition to the services mentioned above, William Rowland also stocks a wide variety of Airmelt and VIM cast stick that can be purchased off the shelf. Our typical inventory includes Nickel & Cobalt alloys such as Hastelloys, Inconels and Nimonics, Cobalt – Stellite 6, 12, 19, 31 and F75.

We understand each customer’s specification can be unique, so we offer supplementary virgin additions to accompany our ingots to achieve specification.




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