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Spotlight on Tin and its Uses

August 5th 2019

Tin is a soft, pliable metal, with many useful applications. It is usually extracted from cassiterite, a mineral most commonly mined in the 'tin belt' region of China, Indonesia, and Thailand. While it's most widely known use is as a coating for steel cans (something its non-corrosive properties make it particularly suited to), tin can be used in a broad range of commercial and industrial contexts.

William Rowland

With over 150 years trading as high purity metal suppliers, a wealth of experience and a reputation for innovation, William Rowland are an excellent supplier from which to source your tin. We've been trading from the same location in Sheffield since 1830, and since then we've established ourselves as a key supplier in the metals trade and as a name synonymous with quality and efficiency.

Uses of Tin

Tin can be utilised in a variety of contexts, a few of which include:Inoculation: tin is an excellent pearlite stabiliser. Adding tin to cast iron can have a number of beneficial effects, from increasing tensile strength to hardness and fluidity. Our tin pellets, available through our website, are ideal for this purpose.

Electronics: tin is commonly used in electronics, where its electrically conductive properties can be found at use in computer chips and circuit boards. Babbitt metals: tin-based white metal, or Babbitt metal, is an alloy offering unmatched load carrying and friction resistance, and the ability to operate even without adequate lubrication. As a popular babbitt metal suppliers and metal powder suppliers, we also offer pre-fabricated alloy bearings for sale.

Buying Tin Through the William Rowlands Online Store

William Rowland offer tin for sale in ingots and bars (which can be cropped), as well as pellets or sticks. With a worldwide reach and an internationally recognised reputation, we can have high purity tin delivered to you wherever you may be.To discuss your needs in more detail, get in touch with one of our experts today on 0121 508 6792. Or, if you already know what you need, head over to the William Rowlands Online Store, where you can purchase our tin directly.



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