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    graphite recarburiser

Carbon Products

Supplying Carbon products for industrial applications

For both carbon powder and graphite re-carburiser products, William Rowland can supply carbon products for a variety of applications. Our carbon powder is available with various chemical specifications, as well as various quantities and packaging types. Our graphite re-carburiser is available in granules from 3mm-9mm in drums or on pallets, and in various chemical specifications.

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We supply graphite re-carburiser in sizes 3 - 9mm, which are packed in drums on pallets.

Product Chemical Specification Form Sizes Packaging

Carbon Powder

Various specifications available




Graphite Re-Carburiser

Various specifications available


3mm x 9mm

Drums, Bags


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Dave Swallow


Dave is an experienced metal trader with over 15 years experience in the industry. He focuses mainly on Noble alloys and Low Carbon Iron Melt Base.