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    UK sales agent and distributor for

    molybdic oxide

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Proud suppliers of Molybdic Oxide and Molybdenum trioxide

William Rowland is an official distributor and supplier of molybdic oxide from Kennecott Molybdenum Company, an industry-leading producer of molybdenum products.

We supply molybdic oxide in briquettes or powder form, the latter of which is sized 0 – 4 mm and is supplied in drums. To find out more, call our team of experts or fill out a quick enquiry form.

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Molybdic Oxide

We are proud to represent the Kennecott Molybdenum Company as their agent and distributor for molybdic oxide.

Moly oxide is available in the form of carbon free briquettes or as a powder which is sized 0 - 4mm. Packed in drums with a typical specification; Mo 57%min, Cu 0.50%max, Pb 0.05%max, P 0.05%max, S 0.10%max, C 0.10%max.

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Please call us for further information, or send us a message using the Quick Enquiry Form at the top of the page.


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Dave Swallow


Dave is an experienced metal trader with over 15 years experience in the industry. He focuses mainly on Noble alloys and Low Carbon Iron Melt Base.