• Our in house experts have a - wealth of experience

    Our in house experts have a

    wealth of experience

We offer highly competitive rates

All our products are LME listed. We are fully hedged and can sell to a pre-determined date in the future. We buy all our products direct from producers or the London Metals Exchange (LME). It’s why we’re able to pass on maximum value to our customers and offer highly competitive rates.

We deliver outstanding service levels worldwide

We deliver all over the world according to our customers’ schedules. We’re able to offer reliability and a quick turnaround because we control the whole process, including weighing, cutting and bagging using our own machines and distribution from our own warehouses and lorries. We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on all UK deliveries.


We solve your technical problems

Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience. They can solve technical problems regarding the melting process and will advise on good practice.


We only sell quality products

Every product we buy is BS EN ISO9001:2008 quality assured. You receive a quality certificate with every purchase.


We will never let you down

We are the oldest metals trader in the UK, with an international reputation for delivering quality, reliability and value. Our history and track record since 1830, speak for themselves.


Most metals used within the aerospace industry are alloys, primarily steel, cobalt and nickel based superalloys.

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The most common materials used in the contruction industry are steel, bronze, brass, aluminium and copper

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Nickel, nickel alloys and stainless steels are used extensively in the petrochemical industry

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Nickel, Aluminium, Copper and Magnesium are used extensively in the automotive industry.

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Seawater is corrosive to most construction materials; therefore specific metals are required.

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Copper, silver, nickel, cobalt, aluminium, tin, zinc, indium and silicon are widely used in the electronics industry

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A large variety of metals are used in the defence sector, from rare metals to aluminium, magnesium and steel.

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Copper, nickel, iron, silver, cobalt, indium, silicon and aluminium are widely used in the energy industry.

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