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Most metals used within the aerospace industry are alloys, primarily steel, cobalt and nickel based superalloys. The alloys are often required to have exceptional performance properties such as strength, pressure, oxidation or heat resistance, due to the fact that they are used in gas turbine engines. The alloys can face temperatures approaching if not beyond their melting temperatures. The superalloys contain additions of chromium, aluminium and titanium among others. Often the alloys are produced in carefully controlled solidification conditions in order to produce directional crystals or even single crystal structures allowing for strengths at 1000c which exceed those of ordinary steels at room temperature.  Another important factor is the longevity of the alloy and its resistance to fatigue. These alloys make it possible for the industry to produce high-performance parts such as jet engines and airframes. A wide variety of metal powders are also used in powder metallurgy produced parts, hard facing and brazing & welding applications. Parts using metal powders can have amongst other properties, very close tolerances, controlled porosity, high strength etc.

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Aerospace Industry


Most metals used within the aerospace industry are alloys, primarily steel, cobalt and nickel based superalloys.

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