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William Rowland nickel fact file;

Purity: 99.92% to 99.99%
Quality: BS EN ISO9001: 2008 certified
Form: plates, powder, pellets
Plate sizes: Any size including 1,2,4 inch squares, 4x24, 6x28-inch anodes
Financial guarantee: LME listed and fully hedged
Track record: Established reputation since 1830
Delivery: Worldwide NB. 24-hour turn around on all online orders and UK deliveries
Description: Nickel is one of only 4 metals that is ferro magnetic at room temperature. It has excellent heat and corrosion resistance properties in extreme temperatures and in hostile environments. Its uses span the metallurgical world. Aerospace, petro-chemical, energy, defense and automotive industries all rely on nickel-based alloys. William Rowland are respected suppliers of nickel powder online.


We have our own in-house processing facility and a state-of-the-art shear. This enables us to offer a bespoke service for cutting nickel cathode to any size our customers require, for example:

  • Anodes, half plates, quarter plates, full plates
  • 1" x 1" for nickel plating and specialist melting applications
  • 2” x 2” and 4” x 4” squares for melting
  • 4” x 24” and 6” x 28” anodes

Watch the video below of the Darley shear in action - it cuts cathodes to any size our customers need and is the only machine of its kind in the UK. A cutting edge, computerised system enables us to respond to orders instantly. To find out more about the benefits to our clients go to our dedicated 'Nickel Cutting' page.

Vale™ nickel plating chips are a high purity form of nickel specifically designed for electroplating.

The consistent quality of Vale™ nickel pellets makes them the ideal product for nickel alloys requiring high purity charge material. This includes high nickel alloys and iron base alloys that must meet the exacting standards of the aerospace, petro-chemical, energy and electronic industries.

Product Chemical Specification Form Sizes Packaging
Nickel Anodes Ni 99.92% - 99.99% Anodes Various Pallets
Nickel Bars Ni 99.92% - 99.99% Bars Various Drums
Nickel Cathodes Ni 99.92% Cathodes
4" x 4"
2" x 2"
1" x 1"
Nickel Chips Ni 99.98% Chips Various 10kg Bags, 50kg Boxes
Nickel Discs Ni 99.97% Discs Various Drums
Nickel Electrodes Ni 99.92% - 99.99% Electrodes Various Pallets
Nickel Flats Various specifications available Flats Various Drums
Nickel Foil Ni 99.2% min Foil Range of sizes Boxes
Nickel Full Plates Various specifications available Full Plates Various Pallets
Nickel Ingots Various specifications available Ingots Various Drums
Nickel P Pellets
Ni >99.98%
Co <0.00002%
Cu <0.0001%
C <0.011%
Fe <0.004%
S <0.0002%
Pb <0.00001%
Zn <0.00002%
Pellets Approx. diameter: 8 - 12mm 10kg Bags
Nickel Pellets
Ni 99.98%
Co 00005%
Fe 0.006%
C <0.011%
S 0.0005%
Cu 0.0002%
Zn 0.00005%
Pb <0.00002%
Spherodial shape less than
20mm in diameter
Nickel R Rounds
Ni >99.90%
Co <0.08%
Cu <0.0009%
C <0.0035%
Fe <0.0002%
S <0.0002%
As <0.002%
Pb <0.0003%
Zn <0.0002%
Rounds Approx. diameter: 23mm
Approx. thickness: 8mm
10kg Bags
Nickel Rods Various specifications available Rods Various Pallets
Nickel S Pellets
Ni >99.97%
Co <0.00002%
Cu <0.0001%
C <0.005%
Fe <0.004%
S ~0.022 - 0.030%0.0002%
Pb <0.000001%
Zn <0.00002%
Pellets Approx. diameter: 6 - 14mm 10kg Bags
Nickel S Rounds
Ni >99.90%
Co <0.065%
Cu <0.0008%
C <0.0035%
Fe <0.0003%
S ~0.019 - 0.0025%
As <0.0015%
Pb <0.0003%
Zn <0.00002%
Rounds Approx. diameter: 25mm
Approx. thickness: 6.5mm
10kg Bags
Nickel Sheets Ni 99.92% - 99.99% Sheets Various Pallets
Nickel Squares
Ni >99.91%
Co <0.006%
Cu <0.001%
C <0.0035%
Fe <0.0002%
S <0.0002%
As <0.0013%
Pb <0.0003%
Zn <0.0002%
100mm x 100mm or 4" x 4"
25mm x 25mm or 1" x 1"
10kg Bags, 250kg Drums

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