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Simon Robinson

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Simon Robinson

General Manager (Specialty Revert Materials)

Simon has over 15 years in the Metals Industry. His expertise is in exotic revert materials and alloyed metal production.

Sorting & Certification

William Rowland have excellent in-house sorting capabilities and use the very latest hand-held XRF Niton Analysers.

In addition to the sorting analysers we have the capability to check for elements outside the reach of an XRF and can provide all our customers with full Certificates of Analysis.

William Rowland are BSI ISO 9001 approved, hold a valid Scrap Metals Dealers Licence and are REACH ready.

All of our purchased materials are fully checked by our team of skilled Sorting Operatives and a full outturn is produced that is given to our Suppliers for transparency and confidence.

We provide a delivery note and Certificate of Analysis to all  customers that have purchased our materials.

At William Rowland it is important we provide high quality and full transparency to all our customers and suppliers.

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ISO9001 Certificate

Scrap Materials License