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A company is only as good as its people. William Rowland is one of the oldest metal trading companies in the world, and we have been able to thrive throughout because of our people.

Our team is a mixture of recent graduates and time served experts, and are passionate about what we do. Our backgrounds are varied, and whilst some of our favourite football teams may be questionable, with over 150 years of combined knowledge to draw on, we know our metals.

Richard Lowe

Simon Robinson

Simon Ellis

Sarah Brighton

Dean Adey

Ash Evans

Diverse Range Of Industries
Diverse Range Of Industries

The past is our foundation but the future is our focus

From the beginning, innovation has been the driving force for our business. In 1840, William Rowland became the first company to import Swedish iron into Sheffield for cutlery production, and we have gone from strength to strength since.

William Rowland is founded
by Jonathan Rowland

Arthur Ernest Rowland
takes over the running of
the company in 1891

One of the first companies of
our type to offer weekly
payment terms to customers

Proud to become a
limited company

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