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Offering a Wide Range of High Purity Metals

We supply a wide range of high purity metals for use in various industrial applications. Our metals are available in different forms, including ingot, powder and degassed. Our High Purity Metals are also available in a variety of quantities, depending on the metal type and form.

Our Metals include a range of LME (London Metal Exchange) Base Metals, Minor Metals and Noble Alloys. As we are also part of a group that is a category one ring dealing member of the LME – a world centre for industrial metals trading – we can offer the best product at a competitive price.

Products such as tin, nickel and many others are processed in-house, allowing us to offer a comprehensive selection of products including chips, discs, foil, pellets, anodes and cathodes and much, much more. Our state-of-the-art Darley shear allows for bespoke nickel cathode services, and is credited with being the only machine of its kind in the UK. To learn more about our high purity metals, our experts are standing by to take your call.

Our High Purity Metal Products


We can supply 1kg-15kg aluminium ingots for additions to superalloys, electronics and chemical applications, and 15kg-25kg aluminium ingots for bearings, construction, power transmission and engineering castings.

We can also supply aluminium in various forms for deoxidation.


Antimony is available in approximately 20kg ingots (99.65% Sb min) used for alloying purposes. The material is quite brittle and is readily broken down to give smaller pieces, which we can supply in a range of sizes to suit customer requirements - for example, 0-3mm and 0-8mm.


We can supply arsenic ingots and powder.


We supply ingots and pellets, 99.99% Bi pharmaceutical grade and metallurgical grade. The pellets are produced in the 2.5 gram to 150 gram range for ladle addition.


We can supply 99.99% min. purity metal in sticks (240 gram) for alloys, colours and chemicals, and also ball anodes (500 gram) for the plating industry. We also supply a range of cadmium sheets, wire and powder for various applications.


We are the UK Distributor for DCX Chrome (formally known as Delachaux), who produce aluminothermic grades 99.4% min for air melting and 99.6% Cr min. for vacuum melt applications.

DCX Chrome also produces a unique double degassed briquette (DDB) 99.8% Cr min. which is equivalent to the highest quality electrolytic grades.

Chromium Metal melting point = 1860°C


We are stockists of Vale cobalt cathode rounds (cobalt 99.9%) which are produced by the electrolytic process in Canada. The rounds are approximately 35mm diameter x 6mm thick.

Also available is Russian Ingot (10-15 kg) with 99.3% Co min. and Electrolytic flake 99.6% Co min.


We supply calcium in ingots, crowns, granules and needles.

Typical analysis is Ca 97%, Al 1.8%, Mg 0.8%, but higher grades are available on request.


We supply high grade copper cathode (99.99%Cu min) to BS EN 1978:1998 Cu CATH 1 as full plate or cut in various sizes down to 1" squares. We can also offer copper granules for the precious metals and cast iron industries and copper rod.


Gallium is available in either silver lumps or liquid depending on the ambient temperature. The product is packed in suitably sized polythene bottles.


We supply germanium in various forms.


We have in-house processing capabilities to supply low carbon iron billet to a wide range of sawn lengths to suit our customers' individual requirements.


We supply lead in the form of full ingots (15- 40 kg) or cropped to customers' requirements, specification 99.97% and 99.99% Pb min. Also available in the form of sheet or shot.


For use in non-ferrous applications in the form of ingots 1 kg to 25 kg assaying at 99.7% to 99.9% In. Also as deoxidation products available in 95- 99% grades, alternative specifications available upon request.

We also have available the full range of LM grades in ingot form.


We supply magnesium in ingots (99.9% min) of approx 8kgs and small pieces of 100, 200 and 300 grams.


We supply pure solids, sheet cuttings, bar ends, etc.99% to 99.995% min


We have our own in-house processing facility and a state-of-the-art shear. This enables us to offer a bespoke service for cutting nickel cathode to any size our customers require.


Silicon is available in the lumpy or powder forms for use in non-ferrous alloying applications especially in aluminium and copper base products. The standard product is 98.5% Si min. however, low residual versions are available on request.


We supply 99.9% min Silver grains of various sizes.


We supply sodium ingots and sticks in various shapes and sizes to suit the final application. Typical analysis is Na 99.8%, Ca 500 ppm, K 300 ppm.


Various grades of 25kg ingot are stocked, ranging from 99.75% to 99.95% minimum purity. Depending on application and the customer's specification, we are able to supply tin conforming to BS EN 610 : 1996 grade 99.85, 99.9, 99.93 and grade 99.95. Using our own shears on site we are able to quickly crop 25 kg ingots down to the customer's needs, allowing easier handling and alloying additions. Cropped material is always palletised or packed in clean steel drums.

We also stock tin of 99.99% minimum purity in the form of 1kg bars where low levels of residual elements are important. As with ingot, this material can be cropped if required.
We also produce tin as 28 gram and 56 gram pellets, 112 gram strips, granules and a range of tin anodes. The pellets are designed for use as a pearlite stabiliser in the production of cast iron.


We supply 99.8% Tungsten Solids and various specifications of Wire.


We can supply a range of zinc products including ingots and balls. The ingots are available as special high grade (SHG) with 99.995% Zn min. Zinc balls 99.995% Zn min. are available, and zinc granules are produced in our foundry from high grade materials.

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Shop our metals online -- Delivered to anywhere in the world with short lead times.
Shop our metals online

Delivered to anywhere in the world with short lead times.

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We've been innovating at William Rowland since 1830
We've been innovating at William Rowland since 1830
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Quality at the heart of what we do

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