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William Rowland atomises first 100% revert blend of AM powder

July 8th 2020

Following a challenge from a customer, William Rowland have successfully atomised a powder batch from a specially selected 100% revert blend of raw material.  This powder is designed for use in additive manufacturing (AM).

William Rowland has supplied powder metal for over 40 years and whilst much of this has been elemental powders more recently we have started to address the challenges facing the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. 

Due to WR having access to a vast range of high purity metals and alloys they were able to select a feedstock with the right chemistry and as important compact density to trial the melt using a ‘toll’ atomising partner.  The material (F75), a Cobalt/Chrome alloy typically using in the medical industry was successfully atomised to 15-53µm & 53-106µm meeting 2 areas of AM in EBM (Electron beam melting) and SLM (Selective laser melting).

The challenge was accepted as whilst the AM market is an exciting developing space we were of the view that the AM industry will face the same structural input cost challenges as more established wrought methods did in order to become commercially viable and upscale.  This would involve to some degree a move away from virgin materials and pre-alloyed bar stock which have typically been the raw materials of choice in the developmental phases of AM. 

The subsequent material was supplied however a small batch of samples have been retained for interested parties including current and prospective customers.  If you have an interest in reviewing this material please get in touch as we would be happy to help.



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