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July 22nd 2015

If you live in Yorkshire, you know that the metal industry is an integral part of this area. Besides the Victorian architecture and railways, this part of the UK is known for the role it plays in metal and the metal industry. Those in the know often call Yorkshire the metal capital of the world, but is it really?

Here are three reasons Yorkshire lives up to that title:

1. Heart of the industrial revolution. When the industrial revolution came to England, Yorkshire was the epicenter. It began here, and for good reason. While some might attribute the revolution to the canals, which provided power and transport for goods being developed here, the truth is that the abundance of metal deposits and the infrastructure to process that metal, is what made the industrial revolution possible. When steel burst onto the scene, it was in Yorkshire that there were the forges, water wheels, and crucibles to manufacture this metal. With the production of steel came the ability to build stronger machines and buildings, which in turn spurred the industrial revolution onward.

2. One of the oldest metalworking communities in the world.

Even before the industrial revolution, metalworking was a huge part of life in Yorkshire. One of the reasons the infrastructure was already in place to make steel for the industrial revolution was because iron workers had used forges along the canal to make iron for more than five hundred years. It was only natural that those crucibles and forgers would then be used to make steel during the industrial revolution.

3. Hosts some of the most historic mines in the country.

Yorkshire is home to both Caphouse Colliery and Hope Pit. While most of the UK has great mining sites, Yorkshire seems to have more mining sites than any other county in the England. The unique geology of this place made it an excellent location for mining not just for coal (which is also found in abundance in Yorkshire), but also for minerals and metals, which were then forged and sent off for use around the country.

4. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

With Kelham Island museum and Abbeydale Hamlet Hamlet open to the general public, you can travel back in time to an era where the Industrial Revolution was booming and experience what is was like to live in these exciting times.Yorkshire has a long history in the metal industry, one that still fuels the industry to this day, and will continue to fuel it for centuries to come. You can see time standing still with visits to Kelham Island Museum.



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